Why Book Virtuoso?

So many of my clients say, “I have never used a travel agent before.” or “What is Virtuoso?” They don’t know the advantages that Classic Travel can provide.

I am here to tell you that we can bring you a ton of added value! Not only do we have extensive knowledge of most destinations you would like to visit, but through the Virtuoso network we have close relationships with hoteliers around the world and can get you great rates and special amenities. The best part of all is that you can book by yourself at classictravel.com and access our exclusive Virtuoso rates online.

How does this really help you? Well, let’s say you want to go to Rome. You look online and see the the Hotel de Russie has a deluxe room available for €700 per night. Then you head over to classictravel.com where you will see the same room available for €700 per night, but now it will come with an upgrade (if available), complimentary daily breakfast for 2 guests and €85 food and beverage credit.  The next room category is priced out at €800 per night, so for a 5 night stay, if you get upgraded, you will have received €500 of value. Breakfast daily is €40 per person, so over 5 days for 2 people that totals €400.  Plus the F&B credit.  The grand total of added value by using Classic Travel is €985!  This is almost $1,300!

I think the better question, is why would I ever not want to book with a travel agent?!

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