Travel with Kids

Have kids but still want to travel?

It is easier than you might think. Conde Nast Traveler just did a piece on taking kids to Florence.  I took my son there last year and it was (almost) effortless.

We stayed at Villa La Massa (which is VERY good for kids – complete with outdoor play area on their beautiful, sprawling grounds) in a one bedroom suite. The suite was great because we could put the baby to sleep in the bedroom and my husband and I could drink wine in the living room and plan our activities for the next day.

I was initially worried such an old city wouldn’t be stroller friendly – but the cobblestone streets handled our city mini just fine. It made us feel like locals because they all had strollers too!

Everyone would approach us to tell us how beautiful the baby was – and the servers at restaurants went out of their way to make us comfortable.  I think we got better treatment than we ever would have without a baby.

We’re already planning his next getaway!


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  1. We've enjoyed several family holidays in Italy and could not recommend it highly enough. Hotels in Italy really do treat your little ones like royalty which makes for a relaxing backdrop to a family getaway. The whole Europen approach to children is so accepting, no one blinks an eye if your children are in a restaurant with you at 11 pm or sitting in a cafe people watching in the evening, in fact many of the local families will be doing the same!

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