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  • Esperanza Resort Gets Personal!

    Esperanza Resort Gets Personal!

    I love when hotels go the extra mile to make sure I (or any of our clients!) are happy. As I am getting ready for my trip to Cabo San Lucas next week, just got the sweetest email from Esperanza Resort!Ā Narciso, the concierge that will be assisting me during my stay just added his personal […]

  • Berlin At Its Finest

    Classic Travel is proud to introduce our Agent in Training, Katrina.  Join her on her adventures in Europe.  Oh to be young again šŸ™‚ Experiencing travel for yourself is the best way to get others excited for their trips…To be a great agent you have to be as obsessed with travel as we are!! ATTENTION […]

  • The Time for Greece is NOW!

    A lot of clients areĀ reluctantĀ to head toĀ GreeceĀ becauseĀ of the political and economic issues. But if you are willing to give it a try, the savings can be HUGE! Not only is the euro at record lows, but the hotels in Greece are offering great deals. The Mystique and Vedema sister resorts in Santorini (2 of my […]

  • Our Clients Love Le Sirenuse

    Some honeymooners just got back from Le SirenuseĀ –Ā hear how they sing its praises… “Honestly, the trip was the best of our lives. The hotel in Positano was seriously like a fantasy. It was absolutely incredible. We were truly treated like A-list celebrities. We had a blast. We did not even want to return. Our pictures […]