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  • Fall Into Your Favorite City

    Fall Into Your Favorite City

    Rise to the occasion and fall into your favorite city this September! The world has a plethora of cities that are perfect for the autumn season! Some of the best destinations for the fall are located throughout the northern hemisphere. Classic Travel has some exciting recommendations for your fall trip! Spend your autumn in the […]

  • Our new addition to Florence…Hotel Brunelleschi!

    Our new addition to Florence…Hotel Brunelleschi!

    Classic Travel is pleased to announce the addition of the exquisite Hotel Brunelleschi to our luxury collection! Hotel Brunelleschi is one of Florence’s top tier luxury hotels and is one of the best known hotels in town! Hotel Brunelleschi is truly an Italian born hotel. The Pagliazza tower, which is part of the hotel, has […]

  • Portofino & Florence in the hands of the Spectacular Orient Express!

    Let’s begin in Portofino, where the narrow roads give you just enough time to prepare to see the romantic getaway of Italian designers  and politicians! This journey along the cost ends with a short drive to the top of a cliff where the magnificent Hotel Splendido is located. A warm welcome in charming Italian accents […]

  • Travel with Kids

    Have kids but still want to travel? It is easier than you might think. Conde Nast Traveler just did a piece on taking kids to Florence.  I took my son there last year and it was (almost) effortless. We stayed at Villa La Massa (which is VERY good for kids – complete with outdoor play area on their […]