Sydney or Melbourne?

Throughout history there has been many battles. Battles between the sexes. Battles between sporting teams. Even battles between fast food companies. But none is more passionate than the battle between cities. If you ask the locals, the secret war does exist and none is more heated in the debate arena than the battle of two cities in the land of Oz. Yes, in the land of Kangaroo’s and Koala’s two cities face off, that of the fast paced glossy Sydney, and the cultured more subtle Melbourne.

Both have pros and cons, and today, if it please the court, I would like to draw your eye to Melbourne and a huge pro in their column and that is the
Lyall Hotel.  It is the only privately owned hotel and spa in Melbourne and in a city with hidden gems and secrets it is the perfect place to stay.

With a mini art gallery on each floor, and each room bringing its own charm and unique subtle grace from the orient the Lyall has it all. You have the gym and spa to relax, as well as an open fire place to keep warm when the unpredictable cold Melbourne snap kicks in. There is a bistro for meals and a champagne bar, for well, champagne.

Australia, and especially Melbourne, being the arts, shopping and sporting capital of Australia it is good to have a place and the Lyall is stunning. The attention to detail is mind boggling. It is located in the fashionable and sensational South Yarra area. It is a short walk to shopping or take a historic and famous tram into the city centre.

So now the line has been drawn in the sand Sydney!  I suggest you bring out the big guns cause this battle has only begun and Melbourne has taken the lead.

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