Luxury hotel in Johannesburg

So there I was watching a Broadway show. No no,  not any Broadway show. A Broadway show based on a Disney movie which in turn was based on real life animals and something about a life with a circle in it. Im not so sure. I was so confused by the artistic costumes and the whole African music vibe thing that was going on, that I felt inspired.

Yes to see a grown man dressed as a giraffe is quite a sight,  not to mention while you can pretty much see animals every day on the subway, there is nothing like the real thing. So at the interval, while eating my ice cream and throwing back my wine like it was water, I wondered what it would be like to see Africa in person.  Quick call to my travel agent and I was on a flight to Johannesburg next AM. My travel agent said he would arrange the Safari while I was in Johannesburg shopping for my Safari outfits. Luckily, her company is a Virtuoso member and they can do miracles.   My leopard print scarf needed something smart under it. I can just see my new Facebook picture, me dressed in fab safari outfit standing by a lion like I’m David Attenborough or something.

She booked me into the Saxon, the only truly luxury hotel in Johanesburg,  and the Virtuoso rate included a transfer. That was a good thing as I was reading up on South Africa while have cocktails on the flight over (16 hours worth of cocktails) and just a little bit in need of some Z’s.  I arrived, walked in and saw the grand stair cases on either side and chandelier in the middle of the foyer. Stunning. It has an Eastern feel mixed with the African roots, and all rooms are fitted with African art and carvings and gorgeous views. Well, maybe I won’t go to the bush! This is where Nelson Mandela chose to stay while writing his autobiography. Anything good for the Mandela is good enough for me.

They offer spa treatments, a steam room, plunge pools and a whirlpool. You can have drinks by the pool or you can have high tea with scones, the choices, and personalized staff are there to help.  I got so caught up relaxing in the spa, with the steam and the music and the gongs going on I really couldn’t see myself getting into a jeep and go searching for wild life that may or may not be a relative of some outfits I have hanging in my wardrobe at home.

I ended my day at Saxon restaurant with a delicious meal of both local and international cuisine, and a brand new buffet area and cocktail bar, cause I can never say no to a nice cocktail.  Naturally, I did toast the Broadway show that inspired me to fly to South Africa.  I couldn’t help but wonder, will Mary Poppins make me want to become a nanny and like children? Probably not. Not unless the family has a cocktail bar.

Stay tuned for my Safari.  You won’t believe it!

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