London Savoy Hotel in the movies

Famous hotels are often used as the back drop in films. They add glamour and association through recognition. London’s Savoy hotel is one of those iconic establishments recognized by many whether they’ve stayed there or not.

The new film “Gambit” starring Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz is a perfect example. The movie is comedy where art curator (Colin Firth) tries to sell a fake Monet with the help of a Texan Rodeo Queen (Cameron Diaz). Sounds like great Fun. Click here to see a clip. Ok! Did you recognize the Savoy? They really emphasized the Art Deco element.

The Savoy has been totally remodeled. All the public rooms are drop-dead beautiful. There’s so much to do you almost think you’re in a resort hotel instead of the middle of London. Whether you prefer a traditional style room or Art Deco style you won’t be disappointed. Both are fantastic. Book the Virtuoso rate online and let us know your preference by using our “customize your room” feature before checking out. Our travel consultants will make sure the hotel is aware of your request. Oh yes, the exclusive Virtuoso rate we offer includes a full English breakfast and more. There is simply no better value anywhere else online.

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