Rocco Forte Augustine Hotel Prague

So there it was hanging in my closet. I wore it all day yesterday, cost as much as a small car and now it will sit in my closet as a constant reminder I am no longer single. I thought my wedding dress should be in a museum, it is that gorgeous. My old friends from high school certainly noticed and were maybe even a bit jealous as I walked down the aisle. I shall just admire it while I practice saying “Mrs” instead of “Miss”. I am married. I am married. It’s a shame I can’t take it on the honeymoon. I would wear it on the plane if I could. You see my guy, sorry, husband surprised me for our honeymoon. He booked with Heather at Classic Travel a trip to Prague. Beautiful and stunning Prague.

And the hotel? Why the Augustine Hotel Prague of course. It was the perfect choice. It is located close to the historic Prague Castle, the gorgeous Wallenstein Garden, the famous Charles Bridge and within easy reach of the city’s many tourist attractions. Prague’s Ruzyne International Airport is a short 30-minute drive away. The hotel was created from seven different buildings including the 13th Century Augustinian St. Thomas Monastery, after which the hotel is named.

Several practicing friars still live in a separate part of the monastery, adjacent to the hotel grounds. All bedrooms have stunning views over the courtyards, the monastery chapel or the Prague Castle. Whatever room you’re in, you will be pleased. For relaxation, the hotel’s spa has four treatment rooms, sauna, steam room, relaxation area and an 80sqm fully equipped gym so my new husband can keep fit. I refuse to allow him to ‘let himself’ go as I have seen other husbands do.

Food wise, his favorite part of the day, the Rocco Forte Augustine Hotel offers a delicious menu at Lichfield Restaurant which overlooks a large courtyard with outside seating for use during the summer months. We also had the choice of two bars; the Lichfield Cafe & Bar and our favorite the St Thomas Brewery Bar, housed in the cellar of the former Monastery brewery building.

Currently the Augustinian Library boasts one of the most extensive collections of ancient books on medicine in this part of the world. In cooperation with the monastery, we were offered a one-of-a kind opportunity to go on a tour guided privately by one of the friars, usually directly by Father Juan. Subject to availability any guest can do the same.

So we got home from the honeymoon and the fabulous memories of Prague to start our married life. Or as my mum said at the wedding “when the real work starts”. But just so you know I still find ways of wearing that wedding dress without my husband knowing. So I recommend staying at the Rocco Forte Augustine Hotel Prague and also doing dishes in your wedding dress. Both make me happy.

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