When is the Right Age to Travel with Kids?

Xavi flyingClients are always asking me about when is the right age to travel with their kids. They want to wait until the kids are older so they will remember the trip and they are afraid to take young children on long flights.  But I am here to tell you differently – I really think the earlier you get your kids out and about the better!  They will remember more than you think and the more often they travel the easier it becomes.

My son is two and a half and he already knows exactly what to do on a plane.  A few months ago we flew with him to Miami to stay at the Acqualina.  He is still talking about “the yellow house with the beach and pool” and is always asking to go back.  And just a few weeks ago we took him to St. Lucia to Sugar Beach a Viceroy Resort.  Even I was shocked at how well he behaved on the plane.  He remembered everything from this last trip – he knew he had to buckle up and couldn’t watch the ipad until we were “flying in the sky.” A “special treat” (Pirate’s Booty) kept him quiet during take off and landing and he even asked to drink water so his ears wouldn’t hurt (I’ve been obsessing over this since traveling with him as an infant). He is telling everyone that he loved the pool at the Viceroy but the ocean was too salty for him and hurt his eyes.

Our next adventure is taking him to Italy and Spain next month.  To get him excited I have been showing him where we are going on a globe. He is so proud to know these destinations and can’t wait for the trip. Just the other night his grandmother asked him is he was going to Italy and he was quick to respond with “and Spain.” Even though they are young, they can still appreciate the finer things!

Click to see Xavi point to all his favorite destinations on YouTube  Xavi’s Globe

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