Portofino & Florence in the hands of the Spectacular Orient Express!

Hotel Splendido, Portofino

Let’s begin in Portofino, where the narrow roads give you just enough time to prepare to see the romantic getaway of Italian designers  and politicians! This journey along the cost ends with a short drive to the top of a cliff where the magnificent Hotel Splendido is located.

A warm welcome in charming Italian accents captures you right away. The view from your room will take your breath away and you will want to make sure your beloved is next to you as you take in the beautiful scenery and take advantage of this special moment.

From  your arrival onward, what you will encounter is beyond your wildest dreams. Words are not enough to express the genuine care extended by the staff under the leadership of Ermes De Megni, GeneralManager. There is no doubt you will see him often, always in very good mood and running around full of energy. You will feel he has welcomed you into his home more than you have merely checked into a hotel.

The food is almost too good to be true…to the point it will be troubling when you return home!  Dinner at the Chuflay Bar located on the port by Splendido Mare is an experience not to be missed. It is not only the food but the classic Italian music performed by an incredible pianist and singer, that has been turning simple meals into once in a lifetime experiences for 15 years.

A walk along the posh shopping streets of Santa Margherita, tasting the  fresh goods from local bakeries and of course a private boat ride to beautiful Port Comogli will form lasting memories.

Although I felt I never wanted to leave Portofino, after one last look at the gorgeous scenery and a promise to myself that I would return, I had to get on the van and head toward Florence.

After just a two and a half hour’s drive thought the picturesque mountains, the land of the Renaissance is reached. Another dream was about to come true at Villa San Michele. A dream in a Michelangelo designed Italian Villa! But here at San Michele what captures you as much as the hotel itself is its surroundings and the way the Villa is tucked away, hidden by the rolling hills and breathtaking nature, and the spectacular view of Firenze from very top.

It is nothing like being in a touristic and busy city center. Viewing Florence from this peaceful paradise gives you the sense that a Renaissance poet is whispering in your ear. And Dante’s home and the Duomo are only 20 minutes away, easily reached by Villa provided shuttles. Florence has the spirit to inspire you like no other place, and will make you want to reread the “Divine Comedy” inspired by Dante’s love for Beatrice.

The restaurant and the food is as delicate and special asSplendido. And the wine cellar offers an amazing selection from the very best of Tuscany. And to make everything even better, the most kind and helpful concierge team I ever met are found here at the San Michele under the careful leadership of Marco Novella.

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