What Makes Park Hyatt the Best of the Best

Park Hyatt Istanbul
Park Hyatt Istanbul

What makes Park Hyatt the best of the best?? We are so proud to feature 24 Park Hyatt hotels all offering Virtuoso amenities to our members. We asked our friends around the world to let us know what makes their hotels stand apart from the rest. Our first stop is Europe where we will check in with two of our favorites, Park Hyatt Istanbul and Park Hyatt Milan.  See what the experts have to say about these incredible properties…

We asked Elif Bakkal, Director of Sales and Marketing about Park Hyatt Istanbul

What is your favorite drink in the bar or food in the restaurant?  My favorite drink is our Turkish Coffee Martini which is a mind-blowing cocktail and you can taste it only at Park Hyatt Istanbul 🙂

Basically it is freshly brewed Turkish coffee welcoming Martini with a savoury presentation. It is your usual Martini but with a very different touch.  

What sets your hotel apart from the competition?  We have the most spacious rooms in town and they’re equipped with the latest technology. Standard rooms are ranging between 485 – 650 sq ft and you really experience authentic touches in contemporary luxury. The bathrooms are also very unique with light therapy, rainshower & splash tub.

I would like to highlight our location and building as well, we are located in the fashionable “Nisantasi” residential and shopping district and a handsome 1922 art deco building (which used to be the Italian Embassy’s residential building) is housing our hotel. “Nisantasi” is a very chic and peaceful neighborhood and it is an important quarter in Istanbul, being a high-class residential area and home to stores selling world-famous brands. Our hotel is just steps from these shops, trendy cafés, bars and restaurants.

What is your favorite room or the best category for clients to book? My favorite room type is Park Spa room.
These are a total of 25 residential spa rooms featuring a Turkish “hammam” including a stone seat. The Spa room bathrooms are offering five bathing experience, light therapy, rainshower, steambath, Turkish hammam & splash tub. If you stay in these rooms, you do not need to go to a designated Turkish Bath or to Spa for treatments. You just book your treatment and the therapist comes to your room and you enjoy the treatment in your own rooms privacy.

I can add that Park Hyatt Istanbul is not just a regular hotel, it has a spirit & soul coming from 1920’s and once you step in you can’t miss that feeling.

And we spoke to Alessandro Angelaccio, DIrector of Sales and Marketing at Park Hyatt Milan about his favorite features of the hotel…

What is your favorite drink in the bar or food in the restaurant?  Well my mouth always waters when I think of the food we serve at our Michelin starred restaurant VUN. That said, I have a special affinity with Andrea Aprea’s (our Executive Chef) ‘Caprese Dolce e Salato’ which is a very new, fresh and different approach to the usual Caprese salad that everyone has come to love. As far as cocktails are concerned, we have a great bar staff that really get creative in trying to stimulate our taste buds while proposing intriguing new cocktails, besides the standard line up of classics, we have things of the likes of a ‘Frank Costello’ which is a revisiting of the Bloody Mary made with Grappa instead of Vodka.

What sets your hotel apart from the competition? How can I answer this while remaining politically correct towards our competitors …everything! Jokes aside, definitely location, we’re right in the heart of it all, steps away from the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Duomo, La Scala and the high-end fashion boutiques. Furthermore, since the opening of the hotel I have never seen so much media coverage applauding our award winning service levels. We have some very unique offerings, among them we are well known for having the most spacious rooms in town, some great living bathrooms, suites with their own private in-suite SPA and even private terraces on the top floor with views over the city. We also have the privilege of having our own Michelin starred restaurant, very popular with the local clientele and guests, of which we are really proud.

What is your favorite room or the best category for clients to book? Well that’s a bit of a tough choice, each room is different and has its own allure, character and feel. Although, if I had to choose I would have to say the Diplomatic Suite because of its roof-top location, 1238 square feet of space, the priceless view over the Duomo Cathedral and….I’ll let you in on a little secret and give you a world premiere exclusive…we’ve just built-in an outside Jacuzzi on the terrace, making this the only suite in Milano where you can take a plunge while admiring the Duomo and Milano from above.

Park Hyatt Milan
Park Hyatt Milan

We are so excited to have these great hotels as part of the Classic Travel family!


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