Meet me at The Plaza!

We all know the tale. Poor girl, fairy godmother, wave of a wand, meets the prince, loses a shoe, lives happily ever after. Then what? No one ever tells you what happens next. Well if fairy tales are based on truth, and happen every day, Im here to tell you what happens next in this story. After the wedding Cinderella, her prince and her fabulous footwear had to have a fairytale place to go after the reception and before the honeymoon.  Naturally she got to choose and she chose New York City, as its well-known for its stellar shoe shopping.  But to make sure her Prince was comfortable, she chose to stay at a hotel that was also an icon.  She picked the Plaza Hotel because,  not only is it an icon but because, it sits on one of the most exclusive pieces of real estate anywhere.  The  corners of Central Park and Fifth and Happily Ever After Avenue.  Would a Princess settle for less?  She really couldn’t wait to say to her nasty sisters. Meet me at the Plaza!Entrance to The Plaza

This famous hotel has been seen in countless movies such as ‘Arthur’ and ‘Funny Girl’ and TV shows such as ‘Seinfeld’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex and the City’.  It’s a luxury hotel, a landmark of Manhattan and is certainly fit for royalty. White glove service and all. A butler on every floor, a friendly concierge that knows all and more and luxurious rooms with fine details. The word breathtaking is over used but no other word can describe it.

There is a shopping mall, the Palm Court with a restored stained glass ceiling, the Champagne Bar, the Edwardian Room, the Terrace Room, the Oak Room Restaurant and Bar, the Rose Club, the Grand Ball Room and the Plaza Food Hall by Todd English. These are all places you will know and be familiar with when you leave. They’re all beautiful,  grand and befit the high standards the Plaza sets.  

So after a week in one of the Plaza’s sumptuous suites,  days filled with shopping and nights celebrating,  the Prince and Princess are off on their Honeymoon. Stay tuned!  “TA TA ugly step sisters!” or in other words “Eat your hearts out.”

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