Luxury Honeymoon in Europe

Over a year and half ago I recieved a call from the soon to be bride of a family whose travel I’ve planned for years. The bride came from a high profile family and was marrying into an even higher profile family. The grooms family maintains serious residences all around the world. The couple explained that they didn’t want to stay at any of the family homes as they want to create their own special memory. They were in their 20’s, rich and beautiful. They wanted the luxury honeymoon in Europe for a month.

I knew the managers at the hotels I was sending them to so that part was easy. The couple were so enthuastic and amazing to work with. In fact, they were very low key. I didn’t have to worry about air tickets as they were using the family jet.

While they were on the Honeymoon I received a couple of very happy text messages. That really didn’t surprise me as anyone going on a trip that I plan is going to be happy. I was planning a trip for her parents and mentioned that I was going to call her daughter as I hadn’t heard from her.

The next day I got this email.

Hey Richard

My Mom mentioned that we hadn’t touched base after the honeymoon to let you know how it went! I figured I’d fill you in our experience – better late than never.

We are so glad we stayed in Paris for the first part of the trip, as we really did have a

Royal Monceau
Royal Monceau
lovely time there. The private bike tour you organized was an amazing way to see the city and all of its charming little enclaves and we absolutely loved the Royal Monceau! What a great hotel….It was certainly one of the most fantastic places I’ve stayed so I’m glad we took your advice and decided to go for something a little more contemporary when it came to that.

The Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc was spectacular and so classic. Our room was gorgeous and our experience there was very much what we had expected

Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc
Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc
from a honeymoon. Lots of delicious breakfasts on our private terrace and laying out by the sea. We also enjoyed the Ferrari as we made many excursons to small villages, where we bought ourselves a beautiful painting from a local artist.

On to the Splendido! I have to say that was one of my favorite places on the trip. I loved the history of the hotel and the simplicity of the little town by the sea. What a beautiful drive that was from the south of France to Portofino!

Bar at Hotel Splendido
Bar at Hotel Splendido
(Oh and they had the BEST Bellini I’ve ever had.)I actually thought Portofino was more charming than Positano!.
Having said that Le Sirenuse was a blast and we even met the owner one night at the bar. He bought us drinks, which was a really nice gesture. Also had a stellar trip to the spa there. I wanted to kick my new husband when we went to Capri
Le Sirenuse, Positano
Le Sirenuse, Positano
(remember, he really didn’t want to go there) because I truly loved it and could have easily spent more time
Fontalina - Capri Guide
Fontalina – Capri Guide
there. I will say the boat experience you arranged was probably the best day of the trip. Swimming through the grottos was amazing as was that restaurant you recommended by the sea….I think it was La Fontelina and it actually might have been my favorite meal of the trip.

Ravello was another charming place and I was so glad to be staying at the at the Caruso Hotel. It was the end of a wonderful month and the perfect

Hotel Caruso, Ravello
Hotel Caruso, Ravello
place to unwind.

Sorry for not sending a recap sooner but in a way I’m glad I waited this long because it has allowed me to relive our amazing time over a year after it happpened! It was truly such a beautiful experience.
Thank you again for making every detail of our honeymoon absolutely flawless and so perfect. Below is a photo of us all dressed up in front of the Hotel du Cap.

Sorry, I can’t publish the photo. They are a beautiful couple. You’ll have to take my word for it.

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