JK Place in Capri saved my Summer

I was once told that ten percent is what happens and ninety percent is how you react to it. Also that most percentages are made up on the spot. If this is so then after, a once again  failed short summer relationship I am reacting to it but going away. I am still puzzled as to why some people still think its OK to eat with their mouth open, don’t use spoons with soup and feel it is fine to comment on how “adventurous” my outfit choice was, but there you go. I wish them all the best. Not really but its what I meant to say. So take me away.

So I did. To Italy and to Capri.  The place where romance is literally carved into the mountain,  where they smile and wave and chew food with their mouths closed. Just stepping off the hydrafoil I  feel better already. Bad relationship has already been forgotten.

I decide to stay at JK Place. I read recently that Jennifer Aniston had stayed there and since we live pretty much the same lives I thought I would stay there too. This place is so fabulous that its only available to stay between April and October. So you can plan for next year if you can’t drop everything like I did.  If you can get in, that is!  My timing was better than my gone bad short relationship and I know a Virtuoso travel advisor who just happened to know the Manager.  I’m not telling!

The room was first rate and stunning.  The word chic is how to describe it. I would love the furniture and look at my house. The staff are very sweet and polite. But the most wonderful part is the gorgeous pool where you can sit and relax,  have a drink and take in all of crazy Naples and Mount Vesuvius from a distance. The views have to be seen to be believed.

Breathe in and Breathe out. Good vibes is what I was told. And the vibes took me to the JK Place lounge right off the reception area where they have big comfy couches and big coffee books to glance through as you watch the comings and goings of the rich, famous or just beautiful come and go.  Maybe I’ll meet the latter.  Thats what I heard Jen did. 

JK Place and Capri was the perfect and number one option for me to get my groove back. You wouldn’t think being at such a romantic place alone would be so great?  The shopping is divine.  The food so fresh and clean tasting.  The foot paths have drop dead scenery at every turn.  Besides, every one felt they had to befriend me.  I soon found out at the famous Fontelina beach club that I was not the only person traveling solo.  People still do.  My “lets meet for cocktails”  list was growing and people really do meet for cocktails here.  Coming back to wonderful JK Place and their so caring staff became a daily ritual I so looked forward to. Who else would listen to me banter on about my amazing day.

When it was time to leave my heart was mended because Capri and JK Place had the magic to keep me romantically hopeful.  I was ready to try the dating scene again.  Maybe this time I’ll try Italian.  I know I’ll come back to JK Place.  I left all my white linen there!

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