Four Seasons is Most Kid Friendly Hotel in Florence

I just checked into the Four Seasons Firenze and am completely blown away – it is the most kid friendly hotel in Florence.

Sure the lobby is gorgeous and the service impeccable….but when I got to my room and saw a crib filled with diapers, child sized robe and slippers, a baby bath in the tub, the most amazing cookie plate I have ever laid eyes on (with apple juice) and…wait for it…a diaper genie…I couldn’t be any happier.

Every parent knows there is absolutely nothing to do with a poop filled diaper at a hotel…until now!  This diaper genie is just genius. How is it that no other hotel I have been to has thought of this? Not to mention we got a Pinocchio doll at check in – did you know the author was from a village just next to Florence? I didn’t! You learn something new every day…

It always make me happy when a hotel goes the extra mile to make things a little easier – it is the small things that make the biggest difference.

Four Seasons Firenze cookie plate
Four Seasons Firenze cookie plate

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