Four Seasons Las Vegas (Fit for Royalty)

There are some sayings in life that are so over used they have lost their impact and now just irritate. These include “No place like home”, “the names Bond, James Bond”, “Yada yada yada” and “Can you please move, you’re scaring my child”. Don’t know about you but that last one is said to me weekly.

But the one saying that is so over used is “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. So much so that there are now stores filled with merchandise in Vegas that have that very slogan on it. The reason it annoys is that its not true. Ask Prince Harry. No one ever leaves the city and doesn’t share stories. And why wouldn’t you. It is so over the top, in your face, all sparkles and feathers galore, that their slogan should be “What happens in Vegas is exhausting” Again, ask Prince Harry.

So flying into Vegas, you can’t help but smile, and please fly in at night because the view of the “strip” is fantastic. All desert and then a city of lights is quite impressive, and one to tell the kids who you should not bring here.

One of the best places to stay while in Vegas is the Four Seasons Las Vegas. It’s discreet and wonderful. It’s located on the top five floors of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and make sure you book a “Strip” view. Don’t worry you can still access the Casino at the Mandalay Bay hotel using a special keyed elevator.  The Four Seasons Las Vegas has its own lobby, bars, health club, restaurant and pool area, and most of these amenities are accessible only to guests.
All meals and afternoon tea are served at the Verandah Cafe, and just off the main lobby is the dinner-only Charlie Palmer Steak restaurant.
There is a pool where a waterfall, cabanas and poolside massages are offered.

Guests also have free use of all facilities at Mandalay Bay; including their wave pool. But the Mandalay Guests can’t use the Four Seasons amenities. Uhm, that puts a smile on my face.  The rooms are spacious and gorgeous. After you’ve spent the night doing stuff that you think should stay in Vegas its great to go back to the sanctuary of the Four Seasons. Prince Harry should have.

So perhaps I should just accept what happens in Vegas really does stay in Vegas most of time. Which is a shame, cause what happens in Vegas is just fabulous, complete with sequins and my feather head dress.

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