Four Seasons Florence

Once upon a time, in a magical land far far away lived an enchanting city called Florence. The people who lived there were happy and friendly for this wonderful place has not been touched by any major corporation and remained faithful to its history and wonderment. And, there boys and girls, nestled in the middle of a stunning park lives a beautiful place called the Four Seasons Hotel Florence.Four Season Florence Dining Room

Ok so maybe that is taking things a little bit far but you get my drift,  its not far off from being a Fairy Tale brought to life.  It is the only hotel in Florence that is set in the middle of its own park. Before it became the hotel is was a 16th-century convent and 15th-century palazzo, and those nuns had some good taste. It still has original frescoes and sculptures around the grounds.

No two rooms are the same so everyone will have a different story too tell. You can have a room or a suite and all are furnished in beautiful class and style that will make you just gape in shock and awe.  All have views of the park and come with their own european stand alone bath tubs. For all you prince’s and princess’s out there this is the hotel for you.

There is an outdoor pool, spa and serious gym located in the botanical gardens to help really relax and unwind from all that reality you have to face back home. Dragons at your work, monsters at home etc.  And, then for dinner you have a choice of four sensational restaurants and two lounges. Now thats a real fairy tale I can get used too.

Florence is  an extraordinary repository of Renaissance art.  The Four Seasons blends in so magically you’ll think you went back in time but with all the modern conveninces of today surrounding you.

And so boys and girls, the moral of the tale is that hotels that can still astound you and sweep you off your feet still exist. And not just in fairy tales.

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