Dolder Grand & James Bond

“You’re not getting any younger” My mother tells me. You see, she is concerned that I will not be able to find a suitable mate and die sad and alone with a thousand cats.  So she was relieved to hear that I did get asked out. She proceeded to tell me to let them decide what to do and just agree to it. Smile, laugh at their jokes, all the time.  Fast forward to the date itself and I am half way up a mountain, hanging onto the rope while rock climbing.  Laughing and smiling was not on my mind. I felt just like James Bond.  A bad version of James Bond scared out of his wits.  So once I reached the top, and changed my underwear, I really did feel like a secret spy and wanted to stay somewhere that is very Bond and very fabulous.

Heather at suggested Dolder Grand in Zurich. She showed me the invitation which had the real Sales Managers in a ‘Mr and Mrs Smith” style poster. Very Bond-esque! I was sold.  Dolder Grand sits on top of a mountain with stunning views of the alps with the city below. And grand is too small a word for this place. There is a small train that will whisk you to the center of town.  I chose to drive the convertible down the  winding roads, clear skies and an undercover assignment I had made up in my head.  I was having an amazing holiday.

The famed Dolder Grand was closed for 3 years and has had a major revamp and facelift. Millions have been spent on it and it shows everywhere..  The facade of the historic Main Building was restored and two wings were added to create a towering palace.. The results are 173 luxurious rooms and suites, a spa covering 4o,000 square feet and beyond fabulous dining.

The rooms are so gorgeous that even Bond would be speechless.  Stunning views, modern and stylish, some even have a balcony and whirl pool tubs. The most superior digs come with their own sauna.  
You can relax in the library, or in the outdoor jacuzzi overlooking the Alps and the lake.   Make sure you try the stone beds as they are, surprisingly,  a great way to de stress. Naturally,  nothing tops a massage from one of their skilled pros.   The hotel also has a gym furnished with high tech equipment, quality headphones and bottled water.  If you want to explore the outdoors the Dolder Grand provides the latest state of the art mountain bikes.  No more rock climbing, thank you very much.

Finish your day  at my favorite place, the bar.  To be sure the Martini’s are always shaken and not stirred at the Dolder.  Tuesday through  Saturday there is live music..  Next have dinner at the restaurant where the local Swiss cuisine (one of my favorites) is sublime.  Speaking of food, the Sunday brunch is a must do and has been praised in many reviews.

The staff and management obviously love their jobs.  Service is quick and Swiss efficient.  All done with a smile and a keen sense of style making it all seem effortless.  James Bond would be so happy here that he’d think more than twice before returning to London.  In case you wanted to know, we didn’t get too our second date. Luxurious hotel spy, yes. Side of cliff spy, no.

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