Connaught London

“My turn, is it?” I say smuggly as I lean over and pick up the dice. Strategy is the key to winning and it is starting to get serious. I take a sip of wine, and with a flick of my wrist the dice fly onto the board, they hit doubles and I move and land on Mayfair. And just like magic the game of (British) Monopoly turned from friendly fun to serious war. Yes, Mayfair is the most prized position on the board and I just landed on it. I can feel the jealously levels rising in the room.

I love it!

There is a reason why Mayfair is such a winning place to stop on, not to mention it creates jealousy in others, because, in reality, it is a winning place to stay. I always have a soft spot for London. Full of history, land marks, Spice Girls and the Royal Family, London has something for everyone. And Mayfair. Lovers of art, lovers of food, or just lovers in general, will appreciate the contemporary galleries and fine-dining restaurants found in Mayfair Village. It is true classic London. So get your scones with jam ready and raise your cup of tea to The Connaught London. Modern art and up-to-date technology mixed with faithfully restored period features, offer visitors ultimate comfort in a luxury hotel in central London.
 From the moment you arrive at the Connaught in Mayfair, the butler and concierge services are on hand to make sure all your needs are taken care of.  Im sure Queen Liz doesn’t get as good service. Well, maybe!

Like great couture. no two rooms at the Connaught are the same – each has its own unique features, artwork and views over Mayfair. But don’t worry, all have cashmere blankets and marble bathrooms. There is a spa, pool and fitness centre to use so you can look your best for those tourist photos in front of Big Ben and on the London Eye. During your stay, the Connaught Concierge will cater to your every whim, using their extensive knowledge of everything from current events to IT, and delivering room service whenever you want it. Nothing like some hot food when you stumble back from a night on the town or a pot of Earl Grey after a West End show.
After you stroll through Berkeley Square  and say “pip pip” to the locals, make sure you check out the bar.  Club chairs, calm and cool atmosphere, it’s stylishly modern and the perfect place to have a cocktail. Or three.

And in case you were wondering how the rest of the game went, and I know you were, I ended up going to jail and losing all my hotels. Next time I’ll play Cluedo.

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