Chatwal New York (Where Broadway babies sleep tight)

“Make it a double” I tell the barman. He nods. He has been around New York long enough to know that a single man at a bar in Manhattan needs a double at night. As I sit waiting for the drink to be made, never quick enough, the red leather bar stool is making it easy for me to forget my life worries. I lean back to stretch my neck and I glance up and see the Empire State Building.  As a lamp fixture.  How unique. How very New York. 1930’s art deco style in modern times.  I look around and see that this is obviously one of the Theatre districts hot bars.  Don’t ask how I know.  It’s an instinct. A gift.

Ladies and Gentleman I give you the Chatwal New York. I’m so happy I discovered it.

How fabulous. That word is often over used but is the only word to describe The Chatwal. This city hotel is pure New York and is located in the heart of the theatre district just off world-famous Times Square. Any savvy theatre buff will tell you this is the only place “chic” to stay in the area.  You may miss its understated entrance on East 44th Street but once you’re inside you’ll be thrilled with your decision to stay there. 

This is one of the areas of Manhattan where the expression “The city that never sleeps” fits.  Manhattan Babies on Broadway do sleep tight at the Chatwal.  That’s because this old club made into a new hotel has thought of everything, including soundproofing. 

Speaking of Broadway The Chatwal concierge knows all the hot shows and how to get tickets.  Wow!  Ah! The big Apple, I do love you.

Now where is my drink?

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