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  • Rio to Acqualina Resort & Spa

    Rio to Acqualina Resort & Spa

    I was flying up from Rio to Acqualina Resort & Spa.  I didn’t want to stay in Miami and I didn’t want to drive up to Palm Beach either.  I love Miami.  Have you ever heard of a Brazilian who didn’t?  When we got rich that’s where we all headed.  That was in the beginning […]

  • Woman in White at Acqualina

    I received a photo of a gorgeous woman in white sitting in the lobby of the Acqualina Resort & Spa in Sunny Isles, Florida. Interestingly the location looked more like a fabulous Italian villa. On her neck was a diamond necklace estimated to be worth more than two million dollars. I’m a private detective and […]

  • Intrigue at Acqualina Resort

    The past week in Aspen had been great. The boys loved it and were up every morning at 6 getting ready for ski school. This morning however I had other ideas but Mary wasn’t being very accommodating. “The kids are up and running around” “We have to get up” Mary said as she jumped out […]