Marilyn Monroe at Capri Palace

Have you ever had one of those moments when time seems to stand still? You see someone and you all at once forget where you are and what you’re  doing, and instead you just stare and become mesmerized. For a person such as I who is described as a “can talk under water” type, to be rendered speechless is quite unusual indeed,  so that person must be amazing. What’s more amazing is that it was a black and white photograph of Marilyn Monroe.  She was devoid of make-up, just a shy look and it was stunning. I’ve thought of that special photo often. It amuses me that so many people try to imitate her, but what she had cannot be copied. For what made her special is indescribable and still unknown.

Thus my obsession began. And when I discovered that there was a hotel that had a themed suite in honor of Miss Monroe I had to know more. This hotel is called Capri Palace. It is located in Italy on Ana Capri and is just beautiful.

If you are a lover of art this is the place to stay. So much thought and detail has gone into every room. There are rooms, suites and a penthouse to choose from.  However, the really special ones are those that pay tribute to movie stars, considered fashion icons,  such as Paltrow, Callas, Hepburn (close second to Monroe) and my Marilyn. Other suites are dedicated to great artists such as Mondrian, Miro, Kandinsky, Magritte and Warhol. Each is unique and each is luxurious.

This is “la dolce vita ” Italian style.  The real deal all the way!  Subtle art works, colors and mood create the themes that will mesmerize you but are not over the top. Capri Palace is grand, elegant and peaceful.  It’s location on Ana Capri away from but still close enough to Capri center is perfect.  The spa and pools are the best on the island.  It’s restaurant “L’Olivo” is the only one on Capri to have not one,  but two Michelin stars.

Still Capri Palace is Capri’s only art hotel, a gallery.  And of course, it’s the only hotel in the world where I can sleep with and wake up next to Marilyn. Still my favorite star.

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