True butler service at the Pierre

Lobby of The Pierre, New York

Lobby of The Pierre, New York

Needless to say, The Pierre is considered one of the most storied and best hotels in New York and, with its location on Central Park, and walking distance to all the best shopping and restaurants, it’s hard to beat. People that come here aren’t looking for contemporary or flash. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but there are times in life when tradition is so appealing. The Pierre is one of New York’s most traditional and beautiful hotels. The Fifth Avenue palace has eleven grand suites and it’s the only hotel on Manhattan that offers, with these suites, the services of a full-time butler. This is not the same as butler service that other hotels may offer with premium accommodations. The Pierre calls it “royal attaché service” and that’s because these butlers were chosen from thousands of applicants and then spent six months training for the position of taking care of guests in a royal manner. All the ordinary things like unpacking and packing your bags are routine. Naturally, your bath will be drawn and your clothes prepared and laid out for the evening. You won’t ever have to learn how to work the remote or deal with the rest of the hotel staff for anything. What’s really great is how comfortable they’ll make you feel while there taking care of you. It all sounds very Downton Abbey. Soon you’ll be revealing your most inner thoughts and It won’t take long before you’ll believe to the manor you were born.

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