Best Pools in Las Vegas

Where are the best pools in Las Vegas?? I just got back from almost 2 weeks there. While it is a strange way to spend your August – I have to admit I really love it! And nothing is better than the pool scene. You can find anything from elegant to trashy….and everything in between. I split my time between the Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan – and checked out a few others along the way…

For the sheer size I have to give the Bellagio credit. The pool area is so expansive with so much space and hidden nooks and crannies you can always find a chair – which in this town is a real challenge.


For craziest pool scene it has to go to Marquee at the Cosmopolitan. People line up at 10am for the chance to fight for each square inch of space – only VIPs or people who shell out a LOT of cash can get a chair or gasp…cabana with plunge pool. The pool is so packed you can barely see the water (which might be a good thing)…but the music is fun and the frozen sweet tea vodkas are delicious. You can’t help but have a good time.

The main pool at the Cosmopolitan is almost as loud — just not nearly as much fun….I recommend the Bamboo Pool for a relaxing and chic experience.

The pool at the Four Seasons has the best cashew chicken salad I have ever tasted. I actually dreamed about it and ran back for seconds the next day. The pool is very good for kids and families, but I think the grounds could use a face lift.

Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental is an interesting scene. The whole point of the hotel seems to be “being in Vegas without being in Vegas” …but if you are in Vegas, don’t you want to feel like you are part of it??? I guess that debate doesn’t really matter since the pool (and the whole hotel for that matter) is beautiful and probably the most sophisticated you could ever hope to find in Vegas…a true oasis in this desert.

Which is the place for you??



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