Best Hotel in Santa Barbara

Pushy is not the word for it. Demanding comes very close to it. Reaching for the stars she was. “I want to go somewhere wonderful where I can relax and enjoy myself” she said. I sighed. “Don’t sigh at me, who do you think you are”   What a kind woman she is. As a favor to my sister, who lives in New York,  and losing a bet, I said I would take my mother on a weekend away. Somewhere where she can just sit and relax and not bother me. So I strapped her into the Mercedes convertible and off we were to the Four Seasons Santa Barbara. Four Seasons has the best resort hotels.  In fact, even their city hotels feel like resorts.

“Ill meet you by the Palm Trees” she says. The whole front yard of the resort has Palm Trees on it. It’s by the beach and its just beautiful. There are oceanfront rooms and suites located in the low-lying main buildings and also a choice of 12 single-story cottages. Each cottage comprises three to five guest rooms and has its own private entrance, so can you guess which one she chose.  Mum likes the room and I am relieved at seeing separate beds.  It is real California with a mix of Spanish style and already I can tell we are both relaxed.

I recommend that she goes and tries the massage, facial and body treatment offered as they are all top quality. But also add that she shouldn’t expect miracles. She smiles and instead insists on having a dip in the pool where music is played under water. I tell her to avoid the bikini. Then perhaps we can play tennis or a game of golf later, as both are offered and equally fun but mother insists that I am too competitive and am a sore loser. What a warm lady she is.

After the pool we decide, and by we I do mean she, on which of the four restaurants to eat, but first a cocktail.  As we are the same family we like a good drink at the bar after such a relaxing day. And then it happens. Like an eclipse that you don’t want to stare directly at. She smiles. and gives me a hug. She got what she wanted, a nice relaxing gorgeous holiday. I
take a photo and send it to my sister, reminding her that its her turn next.  Maybe she’ll arrange something at the Four Seasons New York.

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