Best First Class Seat on American Airlines

American Airlines Flagship Suite
American Airlines Flagship Suite

American Airlines still has the best First Class seat. Are you surprised? Interestingly, the seat is not even new.

American has had the “Flagship Suite” seat for some time on all of its Boeing 777 aircraft. As soon as the plane is off the ground it swivels into different positions. If you’re traveling with someone, you can face the other person and a table for dining can be set. The table is actually bigger than some restaurants I’ve dined at. If you’d rather dine alone you can swivel the seat to another position and a different tray for dining folds out. There are so many places to store things that you feel like you’re setting up housekeeping. Small bags and shoes fit very easily in the bench seat in front of you. When it’s time to sleep the seat converts into a fully flatbed that’s 6 ft. 6 in. long. The arm rest lowers to give you even more space. I know the new thing in First Class is the private cabin but I get claustrophobic and to be able to see the roominess of the First Class cabin prevents that. Naturally, the seat is best utilized on long flights like New York to Buenos Aires (10 hours) or to Japan and China which are about 14 hours from JFK and O’Hare respectively. On long flights it’s all about the sleeping experience.

Now, if only American could manage to get some decent big pillows. They do have great PJ’s.

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