Berlin At Its Finest

Classic Travel is proud to introduce our Agent in Training, Katrina.  Join her on her adventures in Europe.  Oh to be young again 🙂

Experiencing travel for yourself is the best way to get others excited for their trips…To be a great agent you have to be as obsessed with travel as we are!!Katrina

ATTENTION FELLOW TRAVELERS: Travel, travel, travel. That is all anyone in my life ever hears, so I thought I would yap someone else’s ear off about it for a change. If you have the faintest interest in fine cuisine, modern art, a superb night life, excellent accommodations, the best friendships and everything else that makes a solid travel experience, well find another blog to read. Just kidding. I try to live by the philosophy of quality over quantity, but then I think about how much I drink, eat, and travel and I realize that I really don’t live by that philosophy at all. The truth is, it is a beautiful world we live in filled with people who just may have something to teach us. There is so much to see and do and so little time (and money) to do it. Hopefully, allowing someone like me to test the waters and choose what to see and what not to see will help you narrow the choices down. I will be spending the next two months backpacking through Europe.

The funny thing is, I’ve already been upgraded to business class on my flight, modeled for a photographer in Berlin and have been treated like a princess by my hosts. So when you think of a dirty, smelly backpacker with hippy beads and a joint in hand, know that is not the kind if backpacking I’m talking about. Picture more of a New York artist, iPhone in hand, maybe a cappuccino in the other, trying to read something that looks intelligent.

Moving forward, upon my arrival in my first destination, Berlin, Germany, I met up with a real life Berlin artist named Peter. We spent the length of my stay in Berlin together exploring the more alternative side of Berlin. For those wanting more of a historical Berlin experience, I recommend staying in the historical parts known as Mitte. This actually means middle in German. That is the extent of my German. Anyway, for those wanting more of an artistic, underground scene experience, be sure to check out Friedrichshain, next to the Spree river, crossing to the district Kreuzberg. I guarantee this is the place for you. A funny thing that Peter told me when I asked him for the name of one of the pubs we explored was how “the tourist distroys what he is looking for by finding it.” While this does not make me feel inclined to tell you all the secret places i found in east Berlin, I will do so anyway. The first pub we hit is called Kino Zukunft, meaning ‘cinema of the future’. The pub resembles what a pub and back-garden cinema may have looked like 50 years ago but without upkeep. Ah, the Germans and their irony… I recommend it to those wanting to see a bar that you wouldn’t find in the States as it would be considered ‘hazardous.’ Following Kino Zukunft we made a stop at Kptn A. Muller. This small pub is filled with alternative travelers, old couches, and cheap beer. This is the perfect stop to meet both locals and foreigners. It’s likely you will hear a lot of English speaking folks as well. This may be a good break from all that Deutsch talk. To top off the night, Peter and I made an appearance at a drum and base club called, About Blank. Two great DJ’s in a small space with a fabulous back-garden. They even have their own little forest, and the best part is, the party never ends! Coming home in the afternoon would not be considered a late night, or early day for that matter. In all, Friedrichshain was a delight, but remains exclusive to those who can handle it’s icy exterior. Ah Berlin, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Ber-lin.Berlin

– Katrina Mitilenes
Nomadic travel , Student


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