Author: Randi

  • The New York Palace Jewel Suite

    The New York Palace Jewel Suite

    The New York Palace Jewel Suite is the ultimate hotel souvenir swag designed to impress. Forget signature toiletries and key chains. The New York Palace really knows how to ring in any day of the year and make it unforgettable. The recent $140 million renovations includes the  The Jewel Suite by Martin Katz paying homage […]

  • Iron Chef Zakarian of The Benjamin Hotel Restaurant, The National, Serves up an Iron Chef Wine and Dine Experience

    New Yorkers and visitors alike always are on the lookout for hotels in good taste and where they know the food also not just tastes good, but will entice even the most jaded foodie!. Now until March 31st, 2012, you can truly savor the best of New York City dining with Iron Chef Zakarian of The Benjamin […]

  • Niche Travel might be your best travel experience, ever, if you love watching Specialty Channels on TV!

    Has mainstream TV lost its appeal? Are you increasingly turning to one of the Specialty Channels, focusing on travel and food, gardening and home improvement, women’s interests, extreme sports, adventure or nature? Maybe you already cut the cable and are watching the new breed of internet TV shows? Are your kids glued to the Disney channel? […]


    One of the highlights of my trip last week to Northern and Southern California was definitely our trip to Napa. With the growing sophistication of the wineries and the food has also come a new level of sophistication and choice in luxury lodging. The Carneros Inn is a definite standout in every category: lodging, location, […]