Author: Lance

  • Just ASK Carlos… What’s happening!

    To get the inside scoop sometimes we often go to our friends and Virtuoso partners in the know. We ask Carlos Quereda what’s happening at a few of the hotels he represents. The first stop was South Africa! Saxon Boutique Hotel, Johannesburg & Shambala Game Reserve, South Africa Just came back from there, it was […]

  • Perfect Honeymoon at the Viceroy Anguilla!

    A honeymoon according to Wikipedia is the traditional holiday taken by newlyweds to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion. Today, Honeymoons by western standards are celebrated somewhere exotic and romantic. As travel advisors we are always looking to create the perfect Honeymoon experience for newlyweds……although their relationship together may have some ups and downs […]

  • Are Private Jet Travelers Booking Online?

    Private jet travel is the ultimate luxury, and one of the advantages of flying private is the flexibility of the departure time!  Who wants to rush a fabulous lunch to head to the airport to catch that one flight of the day leaving the destination? So for those lucky enough to have access to a […]

  • Clients love Pelican Hill

    Clients love Pelican Hill! When they return we always follow up to get their feedback. This gives us more insight on how to market to them by discovering the services they most appreciated. We are happy to report that the Resort at Pelican Hill has yet again impressed our sometimes very particular clients.  Here are […]