Author: Klinton

  • Rocco Forte Augustine Hotel Prague

    So there it was hanging in my closet. I wore it all day yesterday, cost as much as a small car and now it will sit in my closet as a constant reminder I am no longer single. I thought my wedding dress should be in a museum, it is that gorgeous. My old friends […]

  • Hotel De Rome in Berlin

    So there we sat in silence. An argument had erupted. After 40 years together when you have an argument they tend to end quietly. We were a lot more feisty once upon a time. Maybe it’s because you know each other too well. Maybe it’s because I was right and she was wrong. I have […]

  • Maroma Resort on Fantastic Beach

    I had been taking an art class for a few months and now the day had come. I was great at the pencil fruit bowl, sculpture, pottery and even the life drawing and let me tell you, when theres a nude person in front of you drawing is the second thing on your mind. But […]

  • Jamaica Inn

    So this is what it has come too. Standing outside all night long for another envelope to be opened. The new iPhone was being unveiled today and hundreds of people lined up on the street to be among the first to have it. I could not believe what I was seeing. It was just a […]